Review: Very Happy

Date 2020-07-07
Language Chinese
Media Novel
Original Title 美滋滋
Author Yue Xia Die Ying (月下蝶影)
Original Status Complete
Translation Status Complete
Romance? M/M

Brief references to child abuse.



  • Refreshingly light-hearted face slapping for a c-entertainment novel due to the protagonist's optimistic attitude.
  • Super fun rival character who doesn't just become cannon fodder.


  • The love interest is pretty uninteresting in comparison to the protagonist. Yet another rich, overbearing CEO who spoils the protagonist with money and connections.

A chill and level-headed take on the entertainment industry genre of novels, this book is a light and fun read. The protagonist has a pragmatic and happy-go-lucky attitude, which is a fresh treatment that makes the face-slapping and scheming in this genre a lot more fun to read than the typical fare. The love interest in comparison falls a little flat (I feel like I've read this kind of doting, rich and possessive love interest in just about every entertainment cnovel both m/f and m/m) but the main character and his unique narrative voice carries the book despite that.

A lot of the book centers around themes of found family and karma (good deeds coming back to reward you when you least expect it), and although the ending is almost unrealistically good, it's not bad if you're in the mood for wish fulfillment.