Review: Mother of Learning

Date 2020-03-07
Language English
Media Novel
Author nobody103
Original Status Complete
Translation Status N/A
Romance? Gen

Surprisingly likeable telepathic spiders. I love them but if you have severe arachnophobia, it might not be for you.



  • A very creative take on the time loop concept that really explores the branching choices possible
  • Compelling mystery and satisfying conclusion.


  • Time loops are by nature repetitive, so the book starts a little slow. It's only when the events and mysteries really unravel and the main character begins taking bolder choices that the book's plot really picks up.

This is one of the most creative and fun takes on time loops I've read in a long time. The story follows a teenage mage, Zorian, who is killed in an attack on his magic academy and returns to life a month earlier inside a time loop. The story starts a bit slow, with Zorian re-living his school days and trying to stop the attack. But the more he investigates, the wider the web of conspiracy becomes, and each successive time loop quickly spirals into more epic confrontations, involving cultists, foreign invaders, and corruption at the top of the government.

This story has a very solid magic system (DnD players will find the spells very familiar), fantastic world-building, a ridiculously likeable race of telepathic spiders, and a very satisfying final confrontation and epilogue. I highly recommend this book.