Review: The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast

Date 2020-03-01
Language Chinese
Media Novel
Original Title 影帝天天直播做饭
Author Zui Ran Qing Ge (醉染轻歌)
Original Status Complete
Translation Status Complete
Romance? M/M


  • Excellent, deliciously described food porn in every chapter. The English translation contains footnotes with recipes and pictures.
  • A sweet background romance with cheerful & creative cooking livestreamer and a naive & socially awkward military officer


  • This is a food porn novel, with a very heavy focus on cooking and eating food. This book is top-notch in its genre, but if you're the type to skim over descriptions of food, this is not the book for you.

This book has to be hands down the best food porn cnovel I've read in a long time. What this means is that for readers like me who adore reading loving and detailed descriptions of the cooking process and the delicious tastes of various foods, it's a non-stop feast. (The translator for the novel helpfully includes fantastic pictures and recipe links with each chapter.) On the other hand, if you're the type of skip over descriptions of food, then this book is going to bore you to tears.

There is a very sweet romance in the background, between a cheerful & creative cooking livestreamer and a naive & socially awkward military officer, and lots of fun side characters. The plot is pretty fun as well, with a futuristic sci-fi mecha world. The cook gets bonus points for finding creative ways to cook and eat alien creatures. But ultimately, this novel can be summed up as "Chapter after chapter describing food and cooking." So set your expectations accordingly!